Connecting you to our members via our club facilities, curated events and our technology platform to help you create business opportunities and grow


Collaborations can be within your same sector or a different one. Some of the best opportunities start with collaborations between different entities or technologies


Grow by finding new clients, entering new markets, accessing capital or gaining the knowledge to improve your products and offerings

A curated technology & innovation business club that gives you access to a high-level network that can help you grow

“A Whole Far Greater Than the Sum of its Parts”.


SPECTRUM’S members are curated from an array of industries and businesses with expertise in diverse areas such as FinTech to MedTech, e-Commerce to Foodtech, as well as Venture Capital, consultancy and other professional services. This is because we believe in forging mutually beneficial relationships between our club members and strategic partners by facilitating the exchange of ideas, expertise and business opportunities. Some of our members include:




Don’t ICO unless you are a Seasoned Entrepreneur

30 July 2018

The terms blockchain, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings have taken centre-stage in many-a-conversation over the course of the last year…

Golden Equator, Korea Investment to Raise S$120 Million Fund

16 July 2018

Golden Equator Capital and Korea Investment Partners are raising a S$120 million ($88 million) fund to invest in technology startups…

Golden Equator Capital and Korea Investment Partners announce $88M Southeast Asia fund

16 July 2018

There’s more money flowing into Southeast Asia’s tech startup scene after Singapore’s Golden Equator Capital and Seoul-based Korea Investment Partners…

Blockchain ICOs are evolving

Private Token Sales: Industry Finds a New Normal for ICOs

5 July 2018

The cryptocurrency world’s investor profile has undergone a marked change during the course of the last year. Funding for tokens…


Reformer Pilates exclusively for SPECTRUM members!

August 27, 2018

Come and join this starter class in collaboration with Virgin Active where an instructor will take you through how to…

Should we Invest in Digital Assets?

August 27, 2018

In this age of tokenised economy, it is essential for modern professionals, especially those in the finance sector, to understand…

AMA with Asia’s Top Crypto Investors & Advisors

August 7, 2018

Are you running a blockchain/crypto venture or planning to launch a project soon? Wondering what are the regulatory requirements and must-haves to execute a…

Mistletoe Research Fellowship Programme

August 1, 2018

Driving innovation and taking some of the most ambitious startup projects off the ground takes a collective effort and diverse brain power. Mistletoe is…



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