A workspace offering a community experience driven by knowledge empowerment and an extensive business alliance to support the growth of tech companies and innovators.

“A Whole Far Greater Than the Sum of its Parts”.


SPECTRUM’S members are curated from an array of industries and businesses with expertise in diverse areas such as FinTech to MedTech, e-Commerce to Foodtech, as well as Venture Capital, consultancy and other professional services. This is because we believe in forging mutually beneficial relationships between our club members and strategic partners by facilitating the exchange of ideas, expertise and business opportunities. Some of our members include:




“Robots: Here to Stay But Not to Take Over” Interview with Ken Hirokawa, Director of INDEE Singapore

5 February 2020

Here at SPECTRUM, we are always excited every time we hear of disruptive technologies like AI and robotics that promise…

Interview with Joe Lin Golden Equator Wealth

Projections for 2020: Global Economic Outlook: Interview with Joe Lin, Director of Investments, Golden Equator Wealth

9 January 2020

Joe Lin is a force to reckon with when it comes to his keen analysis of trends spanning the financial…

A complete guide to coworking spaces

14 October 2019

Shared workspaces have grown globally over the last five years by 200%, making coworking less of a trend and more…

Interview with Zee Zheng SpaceChain

Is the Future of Blockchain in Space? Interview with Zee Zheng, Co-founder and CEO of SpaceChain

9 October 2019

For this month’s member interview, we sat down with Zee Zheng, one of SPECTRUM’s pioneer members and Co-founder and CEO…


Breakfast Roundtable: Doxxing – When Online Vigilantism is a Crime

February 20, 2020

In 2019, a 47-year-old creative director Stuart Mills had his photos and work details posted online after a video of…

[Lunch & Learn] Coffee 101

February 13, 2020

Coffee, to most people, is an essential perk-me-up to start the day and a re-fuel after lunch. Not surprisingly, statistics…

Looking into 2020 – Tech Trends Outlook

February 6, 2020

2020 is finally here, starting a new decade that is expected to be incredibly exciting for the development and adoption…

Breakfast Roundtable: The Future of Retail 2020

January 21, 2020

For many of us e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Lazada have become the main way we do shopping. The…



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