“Robots: Here to Stay But Not to Take Over” Interview with Ken Hirokawa, Director of INDEE Singapore

5 February 2020

Here at SPECTRUM, we are always excited every time we hear of disruptive technologies like AI and robotics that promise…

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Interview with Joe Lin Golden Equator Wealth

Projections for 2020: Global Economic Outlook: Interview with Joe Lin, Director of Investments, Golden Equator Wealth

9 January 2020

Joe Lin is a force to reckon with when it comes to his keen analysis of trends spanning the financial…

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A complete guide to coworking spaces

14 October 2019

Shared workspaces have grown globally over the last five years by 200%, making coworking less of a trend and more…

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Interview with Zee Zheng SpaceChain

Is the Future of Blockchain in Space? Interview with Zee Zheng, Co-founder and CEO of SpaceChain

9 October 2019

For this month’s member interview, we sat down with Zee Zheng, one of SPECTRUM’s pioneer members and Co-founder and CEO…

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Interview with Victor Ng Mistletoe

“Founders Need Room to Fail to Become CEOs”: Interview with Victor Ng from Global Impact Collective Mistletoe

6 September 2019

For this month’s SPECTRUM member interview, we sat down with Victor NG, Executive Director (Investments) & Futurist at Mistletoe, who…

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Spearheading the Healthy Food Revolution in Asia: Interview with YOLO Co-Founder Alex Bauduin

13 August 2019

Very few founders share the tenacity that Alex Bauduin exudes: his rapid success in the unforgiving local F&B industry largely…

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